Natural Treatment for Amblyopia- Lazy Eye

Natural Treatment for Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) :The common causes of eye problems are frequent and long use of electronic gadgets like, Mobile phone, Lap top, computers, I pad, long time watching of TV channels and constantly concentrated works will bring problems like below…

Itchy eye, pink eye, red eye, Irritation of eyes, burning of eyes, Dry eyes, Pain in eyes, Puffy eyes, Infection of eyes, Conductivity of Eyes, Swollen of eyes, Weak eye sight, Myopia, Hypermetropia, Presbyopia, Astigmatism, Lazy eye, Photophobia, Night blindness, Colour blindness, Strain of eyes, Stress related eye problems, long sightedness, short sightedness, Eye floaters Etc….

What is Amblyopia or Lazy eye or Blindness?

 Natural Treatment for Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) :When the sight is poor and cannot be improved promptly by glasses, the cause is usually due to amblyopia. The word amblyopia means blindness. In amblyopia the vision is less in the region of the centre of sight, and the part of an object or a letter regarded by an amblyopic eye does not appear best. Some cases amblyopia cannot count fingers. The vision in some cases is affected slightly or more. The field of vision is usually contracted. Sometimes the black letters regarded as at three feet may seem to be Brown or to have a tint of green or some other colour.

Natural Treatment for Amblyopia

The position of colours varies greatly at different distances. In some persons the vision is quite good at one time while at other times the patient gets attacks of Amblyopia. Amblyopia usually presents in squinting eyes. The cause of amblyopia is staring. Patient had an attack of a temporary blindness. He was told that the cause of sudden attack of blindness was an eye strain.

Natural Treatment for Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) :The eye Strain was treated by the usual methods of relaxation very successfully. At one time he reported that if he took the trouble to practice relaxation methods, he had no attack of blindness. Dr Bates mentions a very interesting case A well-known surgeon suffered from attacks of blindness at regular periods. The blindness was complete so that he had no perception of light. Attacks of blindness was worried him very much because he was afraid when performing an important or dangerous surgical operation that in the midst of it would come an attack of sudden blindness which would tend to interfere seriously with his work.

The neurologists whom the surgeon consulted all told him that he was threatened with the insanity and that unless he took a long rest, he might unexpectedly find himself blind an insane. Every u ophthalmologist whom he consulted gave him a different pair of glasses to wear none of which gave him any relief he not only suffered from attacks of blindness but he was also bothered by illusions of sight. He said nothing but about the amblyopia at his first visit but told me that he called on me to have something done for his eyes.

He had many symptoms of discomfort and he would be very much obliged to me if I would cure him. While examining his eyes with the ophthalmoscope and seeking to find some treatment which would improve his vision. I discovered that he was suffering from amblyopia. Then he was told that he reasons that his sight failed and that he had attacks of double vision was because of this amblyopia. Then began a great battle. The doctor knew a great deal about physiological optics and would not encourage me to treat him until he was convinced that I was right and he was wrong. When he was in his office, he said that where he knew there was only one light, he saw 2,3 or four lights.

The images ins some cases arranged one above the other and the distances between them varied within very wide limits. The size of the double images varied sometimes one images was four or five times as large as the other. In some cases, the double images were arranged one above the other, while in other cases they were an oblique direction. When he looked at a Snellen test card hanging up in my office, the bottom lines were doubled and the colour of each line of letters appear different. With the aid of central fixation this illusion escape add and did not return. This doctor went through the World War and when he returned, he came to my office and thanked me for what I had done for him. He said that he had not had a single attack of emperor blindness from the stair or strain of amblyopia because knowing the cause of his trouble he was able to prevent it.

In this regard Maitri Foundation, Centre for Alternative medicine and Eye care, Bangalore, India designed a beautiful home remedy techniques for below given problems.

Why home remedies are prescribed?

Home remedies are totally free of side effect. Home remedies are scientifically designed by using Dr Bates method and Dr Agarwal methods are practiced in India. Most of the techniques of home remedies designed by Indian ancient Yogic techniques.

The following home remedies are given in Maitri Foundation, Centre for Alternative Medicine and Eye Bangalore, India.

  1. Sun treatment for Amblyopia or lazy eye
  2. Cold pack treatment for Amblyopia or Blindness or Lazy eye.