Natural Treatment for Double Vision (Diplopia)

Natural treatment for Double Vision (Diplopia): When the Eye regards two images of one object it is called double vision or diplopia Homonymous diplopia; when the image is seen by the right eye is to the right of the image seen by the left eye. Crossed diplopia: when the image seen by the right eye is to the left after another image. Generally, a divergent squint is present in such cases. Cause: Eye strain which is mental phenomenon is capable of producing in the eyes two images (diplopia) or many images (polyopia) strain which causes your double vision is different from other strains. Even normal Eyes, if taught thought to produce a double vision, can produce a double vision. this suggests that strain is the cause of the double vision and relaxation is its cure. how to produce double vision If one will press the lower lid of the eye with the forefinger, while both the eyes are open, one can immediately produce two objects where there is only one. The harder the pressure against the lower lid the further away the one object moves from the. One is real and the other is of course an illusion. It is a good practice to do consciously where one is troubled with double vision.

Natural Treatment for Double Vision (Diplopia)

 Double vision becomes worse consciously one is very likely to become able to cure this defect sooner than is usually expected. One can imagine how the patient must have stained his eye in order to produce the double vision constantly, not only while the patient was at work but all times while he was awake. Imagine two lights one directly above the other at an angle of angle of 90 degrees. When the strain will sufficient the two lights would be seen on the vertical plane.

With the help of the train the two images can be seen at an angle of 45 degrees 60 degrees 75 degrees. In short one can produce double images closer together or double images farther apart than at any angle. To produce double image, one above the other, look at the light about 10 feet away and strain to see a small letter just below it an angle of 90 degrees. Look at very light or a letter and then try to see it as well as when directly regarded.

If the train is strong enough you can produce not only double images but an illusion of several lights or letters (polyopia) arranged vertically. If the strain is still great enough, there may be as many as dozens of them. At any angle the images can be made to arrange themselves horizontally or obliquely at any angle. Most patients can see or imagine double vision by practicing with lighted candle or other object.

Natural treatment for Double Vision (Diplopia): when one is practicing with your candle at 20 feet 2 candles can be imagined 5 feet apart or 1 foot apart. If the objects are on the same level, they can usually be controlled much better than when one is higher than the other. In the case of convergent squint it is quite easy to imagine the two objects as they should be imagined the image of the right eyes  should be to the right the images the left eye should be to the left. When the two images are not separate levels it is well to practice so as to attain the two images on the same level. This makes it easier to control the two images in other directions.

By alternately regarding the images without an effort or a strain, they will approach each other until they touch overlap or become fused into one object. Then more practice should be done with the object of obtaining control of the location by particular forms of effort the emerge of image of right I may be forced to the right this should be practiced for half an hour or longer, forcing the images seen by each by approach crossed. At first the images are controlled they may cross and separate the white distance 3 feet or 6 feet.

The cause for double vision is strain and mental stress. The strain which causes the double vision is different than the other strain. Be relax and do give some relaxation techniques to your eyes.

How do I cure my double vision?

Blinking is a good help, because generally one or the other eye remains fixed. Palming also several times a day is best practice.

How can I treat double vision or

Natural treatment for Double Vision (Diplopia) is Sun treatment for 5 to 10 mins followed by the palming in right manner will help to overcome double vision problem.

What is the cause for Double vision?

Main cause for Double vision is Mental strain and prolonged concentrated works causes of the Double vision.

Can we cure double vision without surgery?

Yes, we at Maitri Foundation, Centre for Alternative Medicine and Eye Care, Bangalore, India will treat the Double vision problem without modern medicine and surgery by giving home remedies and naturally designed Ancient Yogic techniques.