Natural Treatment for Myopia

What is Myopia?

Natural Treatment for Myopia:The eye ball is elongated and is unable to focus correctly. To correct this defect rate in dim light for sufficient. The cause of myopia is not reading small print but an effort to see distant objects. When the normal eye stares distance subject or tries to read two parts of the snellen test good letter perfectly at the same time, an effort to see is made and myopia is produced. There is a strain and the greater the strain the more imperfect the vision stop the cure of myopia. The production of improved our perfect site is easy as it does not need any effort, it comes only by rest or relaxation. Most people with myopia are not conscious of the stare or strain are the effort to see. The person with normal vision is often able to demonstrate that myopia is caused by strain.

In the treatment of myopia, the first thing is that the patient should know that the cause of myopia is the stare or the effort to see at a distance. When the patient looks at the white centers of letters of the snellen test card with gentle blinking and without any effort to see, the vision is always found to be improved and when such a practice is continued several times a day the patient is habituated look at things without effort and the region is considerably improved.

The snellen test card can be used in various ways to improve the vision usually patients of myopia improve more when the chart is held at 5 feet or less the distance of the chart is gradually increased when the patient’s ways his body from side to side the chapter chart appears to moving in the opposite direction and this imagination is beneficial. Then gradually the sway is shortened. and full staff if the test card does not appear to sway, it is usually an add indication of strain are an effort to see.

If the letters on the test card appear double it is because the patient is trying to see the letters is this double vision cannot happen if the patient imagines the card moving slightly from side to side and does not try to see the letters farming when done successfully relieves such symptoms quickly.

Reading newspaper type are fine print in dim light is very useful to myopic patients. It helps the lesson myopia and develop normal vision looking at a blank Wall of one color and imagine something interesting and present is also very useful to all cases of defect division

If one can imagine a small letter “o” with this white center perfectly, first with eyes closed, then with eyes open by glancing at the chart letters, the vision is decidedly improved and sometimes surprising results are obtained.

Reading the print or photo type deduction good light in dim light and candlelight alternately helps the patient relax their eyes, all pain and strain and headache are quickly relieved.

 Control of relaxation is the key to cure myopia and many other diseases of eyes.

 Before and after sleep practice palming while walking or dressing or going to school blink gently if you can teach others how to blink this will greatly help you to adopt the right habit.

Before children go to school, they should read the chart at 10 to 20 feet distance and read fine print by this practice many of their defective vision have improved and their eyesight restored to normal.

Usually myopic patients of –3 more can hardly read more than 10/200, and can hardly read the small print of fundamentals at more than six inches.

But some cases of high myopia can read 10/50 line or more without glasses and do not shows much improvement with glasses. some myopic patients feel great strain and headache as soon as they put on glasses while some are greatly relieved by the use of classes

Accommodation without strain, without an effort to see, while Myopia due to an effort to see distant objects. if eye is felt reading then what will happen?  the I will become hypermetropic there will be fattening of the eyeball. it is why reading small print in dim light helps to counterpart Myopia.

why do I specialist fail in even to prevent myopia? it is because ophthalmic science regarding accommodation and errors of refraction is full of fallacies and falsehood. No attention is paid to minimize the strain to see distant subject and relieve the mental strain which underlines imperfect functioning of the eyes. Further a myopic patient sees well at a near point and reads better without glasses, but the doctor advises him to use glasses constantly.

What is it like to live with high myopia (more than -6.00) without glasses?

Glasses may be used when necessary but not in reading. Palming may be done whenever convenient. Read the snellen eye chart once a day without and with glasses, this will keep you aware about your eyesight. and read small print in dim light for a few minutes.

Each eye functions separately one may strain more than the other. what goes wrong in myopia?

I am suffering from severe myopia, how do I take care of my eyes?

Go for Alternative medicine treatment, Surely, you will get very good result…we are getting n number of students those who wants to join Army, Navy and Air force… some are rejected due to Myopia. They approached us and treated, after reducing their power and got selected for service.

Can- myopia be cured if yes what should I do?

You can continue with your glasses to see distant objects. do coming after reading read fine print I am happy can I have to change my glasses quite frequently can you advise me something to check the increase of myopia rate.

1, Read without glasses

2.Reading dim light

3. Practice palming several times a day.

4. Read snellen chart 10 feet without and with glasses with gentle blinking.