Natural treatment for Squint Eye

Natural treatment for Squint Eye: Since we have two eyes it is obvious that in the act of sight two pictures must be formed. and in order that go these two pictures shall be fused into one by the mind, it is necessary that there shall be perfect harmony of action between the two organs of vision. In looking at a distant object the two visual access must be parallel, and in looking at an object at a less distance than Infinity, which for practical purposes is less than 20 feet, they must cover converge to exactly the same degree. The absence of this harmony of action is known as” squint” or “strabismus” and this is one of the most distressing of eye defects, not only because of the lowering of vision involved but because of the want of symmetry in the most expressive feature of the face, which results from it and has the most unpleasant effect upon the personal appearance. Divergent squint: Eye tourns out. Convergent squint: Eye turns in. Vertical Squint Eye may look too high or too low. Alternating squint: when the conditions change from one eye to another and sometimes the character of the screen changes in the same eye. Sometimes the patient is conscious of seeing two images of the object regarded and sometimes he is no.t Usually there is lowering of vision in the deviating eye which may not be improved by glasses and for which no apparent or sufficient cause has been found. This condition is known as amblyopia.

 Natural treatment for Squint Eye

 It is very common and more prevalent among children than adults. There are many theories about Squint described in the text books. They seem to fit in some cases but leave others unexplained and all the methods of treatment are admitted to be very uncertain in their results, the idea that the squint is due to your lack of harmony in the strength of the eye muscles that turned the eyes to various directions seems such as such a normal one that this theory was almost universally accepted at one time. Operations based upon it once were in a great vogue; but today they are advised by most authorities only as a last resort. The true cause of squint easier mental strain. Internal squint is preceded by a different strain from the one which turns eyes out, upward or downward. Double vision is produced by a mental strain different from that which lowers the vision or causes fatigue, pain or dizziness. Normal eye has been taught to produce consciously all kinds of squint at will. This requires an effort which variable in its intensity. The fact suggests that since squint in all its manifestations can be produced at will you should be considered curable by I education it is a well-known fact that many persons including children can learn how to produce squint and become able to relieve permanently all the varied symptoms of squint. The success of operator treatment is uncertain even if the operation is successful in correcting the Squint the sight of the squinting eyes is not improved. Glasses do appear to do good sometimes fail in many cases even to prevent the squint from becoming worse. Fortunately, squint eyes often become straight spontaneously, regardless of what is or is not done to them. The fact is that squint is a functional trouble, originating entirely in the mind. It can be produced in normal eyes by strain to see, and can be immediately relieved when the patient looks at a blank surface and remember something perfectly. A permanent cure mere matter of making distemper temporary relaxation permanent, Permanent relaxation can be obtained by palming, swinging, central fixation, memory and imagination exercises. Children having no squint should be kept apart from children or other persons who have squint. Teaching the children with the names of the different colours at a near or greater instances of benefit numbers and letters of the alphabet can also be taught to the children. Child who has squint every morning evening the test card should be read with both the eyes, and then poor eye covered with patch. Numbers and letters of alphabet can also teach to squint children.

How do I improve my eye sight naturally?

Yes, you can improve your eye by naturally designed program of simple eye exercise and diet beautifully designed by Maitri Foundation, Eye care centre Bangalore, INDIA. All exercise given here totally free from side effect and one can do it their home by themselves…

What is the treatment of squint eyes strabismus?

Yes, we do squint eye correction by natural healing techniques… the treatments are some simple sets of exercises called eye ball movement, Rotation of eye balls, Acupressure/Acupuncture, hot and cold packs etc….

Is the squint surgery always successful?

Percentage of surgery for squint eye is 50-50, because the squint eye problem originated from mind.

In this regard Maitri Foundation, Centre for Alternative medicine and Eye care, Bangalore, India designed a beautiful home remedy techniques for below given problems.

Why home remedies are prescribed?

Home remedies are totally free of side effect. Home remedies are scientifically designed by using Dr Bates method and Dr Agarwal methods are practiced in India. Most of the techniques of home remedies designed by Indian ancient Yogic techniques.

  1. Sun treatment for Squint eye.
  2. Acupressure/Acupuncture treatment for Squint eye.
  3. Eye wash treatment for Squint eye.
  4. Palming treatment for Squint eye.
  5. Relaxation and Stimulation treatment for Squint eye.
  6. Ball Exercise treatment for Squint eye.
  7. Shoulder and neck treatment for Squint eye.
  8. Jyoti Trataka -Candle concentration treatment for squint eye.
  9. Eye ball movement treatment for Squint eye.
  10. Dim and natural light treatment for Squint eye.
  11. Fine print treatment for Squint eye.
  12. Vapor vision treatment for Squint eye.
  13. Cold pack treatment for Squint eye.