Perfect Eye Sight Therapy

Perfect Eye Sight Therapy

Maitri Eye Vision Therapy

-Perfect Eye Sight is a combination of ancient yogic techniques combined with acupressure and sun basking

– is helpful in curing/ managing several eye related problems
Solve Your Eye vision problems with Maitri Eye Therapy
Eye Strain and Discomfort

Long time computer screen users have computer vision syndrome. Overcome this with Maitri Eye Therapy

Refractive Errors

Common vision problems like Myopia, Presbyopia, Astigmatism etc. These can be easily corrected with our therapy

Eye Diseases/ defects

Some eye defects like glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration that need regular eye check-ups with an ophthalmologist and you can manage it with our Maitri Eye Therapy

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Do you need to correct your vision problems?

Perfect Eye Sight Therapy: The common causes of eye problems are frequent and long use of electronic gadgets like, Mobile phone, Lap top, computers, I pad, long time watching of TV channels and constantly concentrated works will bring problems like below…

Itchy eye, pink eye, red eye, Irritation of eyes, burning of eyes, Dry eyes, Pain in eyes, Puffy eyes, Infection of eyes, Conductivity of Eyes, Swollen of eyes, Weak eye sight, Myopia, Hypermetropia, Presbyopia, Astigmatism, Lazy eye, Photophobia, Night blindness, Colour blindness, Strain of eyes, Stress related eye problems, long sightedness, short sightedness, Eye floaters Etc….

What imperfect sight?

Perfect Eye Sight Therapy:  Imperfect sight is found in the eyes of most school children of India and other countries. It is a truth that nearly all the cases of imperfect sight in school children are acquired after they enter the school. Their eyes are normal when they begin their school life. After a few years most of them acquire imperfect sight, the average being about 80%. of these, nearly all have acquired far sightedness and astigmatism.

At the age of 10 or 12, near sightedness appears, and far sightedness in children becomes less. It is a general belief that strain to see at the near point causes short sightedness. But in the preceding a chapter, it has been clearly shown that a strain at the near point always produces far sightedness, hypermetropia. To check the strain at the near point, the authorities laid down different rules. As to the size of types to be used in schoolbooks, amount and arrangement of light, construction of desks etc.,

Perfect Eye Sight Therapy:  The result of these preventing measures was disappointing and the prevalence of myopia did not stop. The truth is that the strain to see at a distance causes near sightedness or myopia. Why do some children strain at the distance and gain myopia while others do not strain at all and have perfect? Experience shows that all persons not created equal to one another. Some children come to know that strain lowers the vision. But they go on straining, because they do not know what else to do. Children are great imitators. They learn to walk by watching others walk. Learn to talk and play from the examples of other children.

Perfect Eye Sight Therapy:Similarly, they learn to strain the eyes from their teachers, who use glasses and strain their eyes affect the mind of the children. Some children suffered so much from headache and other troubles when attending school that day easily acquired strain from others. The following also affect the eyesight.

1. Punishment either physical or mental.

2. Temperament of the people with whom the child comes into contact.

3. Nervousness of the children.

 4. Uninteresting subjects.

 Cure:1. Teachers should learn how to have normal sight without glasses.

2. Teacher should explain to the students how to avoid strain by blinking, palming, and swinging.

 3. Daily practice on the Snellen test card for five minutes in the school.

4. Once a week, eye education should be given to the children. It is an encouraging fact that children soon after they are cured of their defects in eyesight without the aid of glasses. Have a great desire to help others and the more they try to help others the greater the benefit to themselves.

5. Before you make up your mind to compel a child to use glasses, ask the child to practice relaxation method. Place the Snellen and test card upon the wall of each classroom. Every day the children should read silently the smallest letters they can see from their seats. with both eyes together and then with each eye separately. The other eye being covered with palm of the hand, avoiding any pressure upon the eyeball.

 Perfect Eye Sight Therapy:Apparently, a period of five minutes for it in the beginning of the school work. It should be the duty of the teachers to note the that all children read the test card with blinking. The practice of five minutes daily is sufficient to improve the sight of all children in one week and to cure defective eyesight after sometime. Children with markedly defective vision should be encouraged to read the chart more frequently and create practice palming at home.

 Children wearing glasses should not be interfered with, as they are supposed to be under the care of physicians. And the practice will do them little or no good while the glasses were worn. Though not necessary, it’s off a great advantage to have records made of each pupil at the time when the method is introduced. And thereafter at convenient intervals annually or more frequently. This may be done by the teachers. The records should include the name and the age of the pupil, a vision of each eye tested and the date.

A certain amount of supervision is absolutely necessary. At least once a year, one who understands the methods should visit each classroom for the purpose of helping. And encouraging the teachers to continue the use of the methods rightly and making some kind of report to the proper authorities. It is not necessary that the supervisor, the teacher of the children should understand anything about the Physiology of the eye.

This scheme will save many students from becoming myopic. Try it in the schools at least for a year and keep the record. Compare it with results of the previous year you will be convinced after the fact. Then why should our children be compelled to suffer anymore and wear glasses for want of the simple measure of relief? Lots of money are spent in spectacles every year. This system costs practically nothing. Simply there is the need of a Snellen test card in each classroom. No one would venture to suggest that this scheme could possibly do any harm. why, then, should there be any delay about intercept introducing it into schools?

This plan for eyesight conservation was followed by the institution of khurja UP. 1st, I delivered lectures on the subject and visited each classroom and explain the methods clearly. Great care was taken to make the reports accurate. The tests were made by the classroom teachers. In all 820 eyes were examined and 249 were recorded defective at the beginning of the session. During the year, the purples were encouraged merely to read the Snellen test card daily. At the close of the years again, the eyes of the same students were examined and 99 out of 249 defective eyes had attained normal vision, while 85 showed improvement.

The school of perfect eyesight has developed a new technique called the “art of seeing” for the cure of visual defects. Doctor Agarwal school of perfect eyesight had developed a condition of semi blindness (amblyopia). Their vision was found defective both for distance and near without any apparent cause and the glasses did not help them to see better. The teacher told us that the defective condition had developed after joining the school class. It is important to note that when children begin to learn unfamiliar things letters or a language, they usually suffer from little or more of eye strain and mental strain. D

Due to the unfamiliarity of the lines and figures and letters. The school of perfect eyesight has developed a sort of synthesis of all the systems of practical working to achieve wonderful results. Our aim is to create a new type of doctor whose knowledge will be based on such a synthesis, who will be guided by the higher intelligence, who will be more concerned with health than with pathology.

Why home remedies are prescribed?

Home remedies are totally free of side effect. Home remedies are scientifically designed by using Dr Bates method and Dr Agarwal methods are practiced in India. Most of the techniques of home remedies designed by Indian ancient Yogic techniques.