Treatment for Astigmatism

The study of astigmatism is important because of its frequency and because so many serious eye diseases are preceded by astigmatism. The eye specialists tell their parents that in order to prevent serious eye diseases, glasses should be worn constantly. Such patients accordingly are in constant fear of serious eye trouble developing, and probable blindness resulting. It is true that glasses prescribed may give a relief; but usually patients are not benefited very much by the use of glasses. Astigmatism is one of the most common defects of the human eye. Most people with astigmatism have had it since birth. In some cases, it may increase while in other cases it may become less are entirely disappear. Astigmatism is usually combined with hypermetropia or myopia. Some cases of astigmatism are due to imperfect curvature of the lens, or less frequently to your mouth malformation of the eyeball. When a high degree of astigmatism is present, the vision is appreciably lowered. Usually when vertical lines are regarded, they may appear more distinct than the horizontal lines, or the revers may be the case. This is, however not a reliable test because patients within normal vision do not always see vertical or horizontal lines equally well, many patients with astigmatism complain of headaches and pain in various parts of the head and eyes. Some patients have said that when their eyes become tired or when they feel uncomfortable in any way, they get relief by removing the glasses. One patient after wearing glasses for a few days complained that every morning, when he put his glasses on, the pain in his head increased very much, and that, after wearing glasses for a few hours, the pain was partially relieved. His doctor told him that he needed to wear the glasses several weeks before his eyes could get used to them. The patient then told him that he had come to have glasses fitted to his eyes. and not his eyes fitted to glasses. Astigmatism is caused by mental strain or an effort to see, either consciously or unconsciously. It has been demonstrated that astigmatism can be produced by his staring or straining to see. The normal eye with normal sight, not in my normal memory or normal imagination has no astigmatism, but when the normal eye remembers or imagines imperfectly, the retinoscope shows the presence of astigmatism. Pain in the eyes and the head can always be produced in the normal eye by straining or making an effort to see. Such headaches disappear promptly when relaxation methods are employed. Astigmatism is caused by mental strain and can only be only be cured by a complete relief of the strain. Patients suffering from various forms of astigmatism are benefited by practicing central fixation, swinging improving memory, Sun treatment and by the art of seeing we parts view cards. Some patients with astigmatism, perhaps bright light. They can see better in strong sunlight and astigmatism becomes less when the light is good. Other patients with astigmatism see better, and the astigmatism becomes less or disappear in a dim light. while it may be very much increase in your bright light. Some patients give good results on a black chart while others on your white chart the patient should practice on the chart one which the he gets better results.

Treatment given at School of Perfect eye sight, Maitri Foundation, A center for Alternative medicine and eye care, Bangalore.

  1. Sun treatment for astigmatism.
  2. Acupressure/Acupuncture treatment for Astigmatism.
  3. Eye wash treatment for Astigmatism.
  4. Palming treatment for Astigmatism.
  5. Relaxation and Stimulation treatment for Astigmatism.
  6. Ball Exercise treatment for Astigmatism.
  7. Shoulder and neck treatment for Astigmatism.
  8. Jyoti Trataka -Candle concentration treatment for Astigmatism.
  9. Eye ball movement treatment for Astigmatism.
  10. Dim and natural light treatment for Astigmatism.
  11. Fine print treatment for Astigmatism.
  12. Vapor vision treatment for Astigmatism.
  13. Cold pack treatment for Astigmatism.