Treatment for Hypermetropia

 Hypermetropia or far sight is supposed to be congenital; but the truth is that this condition is acquired by the strain to see at the near point. It is sometimes acquired soon after birth, or it may manifest at 10,20,30 or 40 years of age. 80% of my troubles are caused by hypermetropia while near sightedness occurs in 10%. there are only 10% of normal eyes. These figures are startling. The majority of person at the age of 40 or over acquire hypermetropia. In hypermetropia the sight at the near point is usually poor. When the distant sight is good for distant vision. that does not necessarily mean that the sight is also good for reading at a near point of 10 or 12 inches. Too often such cases are not treated seriously. Poor sight for reading is usually corrected by the use of reading glasses. In middle age serious eye diseases are caused by hypermetropia. Among the most common are glaucoma cataracts and diseases of the optic nerve and retina. In the early stages of these serious diseases, they are more rapidly curable than after they become chronic and more serious, because the region is only slight affected and the treatment which use the hypermetropia is the treatment which prevents serious eye diseases. It should be emphasized that an early treatment of hypermetropia yields in quicker, and more permanent results than the letter treatment. The best methods of preventing hypermetropia are palming and reading fine print, and imagining, stationary objects to be moving. Imagination of white spaces in between the lines of print is very useful method for the cure of hypermetropia. All measures which prevent strain and promote relaxations are always beneficia. A strain at a near point always increases the amount of hypermetropia our producers it in the normal eye while a strain to See at a distance lessons hypermetropia and the vision may improve and continued to improve until myopia is produced, when the vision is lowered some patients stare towards the moon. Out of them those who are hypermetropic improve; but those who are myopia become more effective. If distant sight is good. Central fixation excesses will be sufficient to improve the near sight. If distant sight it is also defective, first improve the distance vision by swinging exercise and palming. Blinking on white lines and reading a fine print card with your card hole during the course of treatment prove very helpful. Kite flying shooting tennis running are good exercise.

Treatment given at School of Perfect eye sight, Maitri Foundation, A center for Alternative medicine and eye care, Bangalore.

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